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Shadow Chaser Job Change Guide – Ragnarok Online

Hi guys here’s the third Job Change quest and it’s for Shadow Chasers. Anyway, the quest is quite long and it’s advisable to have a companion with you to do it faster. Luckily I have my chars in multiple accounts and let my sis pilot some them and help me out on the task. I had some difficulty in doing the quest considering that there is no teleport skill in Valkyrie server, so looking for some of monsters to kill was a challenge.ShadowChaserMale
6 3 7 5 3 5
Base Level: 99

Job Level: 70 Trans/50 Non-trans

Good set of companions to make easier.

1. In morroc, speak to the Girl (morroc 156, 70) south a bit from the Kafra. She tells you about Shadow Chasers and tells you to go to the rogue guild. Walk by this girl in Morroc Town. You won't miss her, from your spawn point just walk straight north. She'll Tell you to go to the Rouge Guild HQ in Pharos Lighthouse.

2. Inside the Rogue Guild (cmd_fild07 196, 117), proceed to the lower floor and speak to the Scary Man (in_rogue 379, 101) in the southeast room. He will describe an encryption method to you and tell you PAYON is encoded as 35 11 54 34 33. Talk to the Rogue Girl, then talk to Urupa (the bald guy) who will give you a cipher that looks like this:
screenvalkyrie247You're given the clues 35=P; 11=A; 54=Y; 34=O 33=N. Notice that 33,34,and 35 = N,O,and P respectively? Since 11 is A, it should follow that 12 is B. From there, you can break the first code of this quest.
But if you're in a hurry, here's the answer for the main cipher : SHADOWS ATELIER IN PRONTERA

3. The code he gives you is [43 23 11 14 34 52 / 52 34 42 30 43 23 34 35 / 24 33 / 35 42 34 33 44 15 42 11], which translates to SHADOWS ATELIER IN PRONTERA, so head to
Prontera. Enter this building, and head upstairs

4. In south east Prontera (269, 110).  Talk to the Manager and when he asks you on how you found him, you will be given a text box to write on. Place your answer and press enter (the answer is the decoded cipher)

screenvalkyrie248 screenvalkyrie252
Here, you will be given a key of -5. It means that you have to deduct the value given in the cipher and then decode it using the number to look for its placement in the alphabet ( A=1 B=2 etc. )

But again, if you're in a hurry... BLUE FIRE IN TURTLE ISLAND THIRD FLOOR

5. In the northwest corner (tur_dun03 38,208), speak to the Blue Flame, and enter the deciphered code. When you try and touch the flame, it will mock you.

You will have to kill a Wind Ghost monster with High HP here. And its somewhere around the map.

note: you only need to kill one. no need to panic if it respawns of if you see another one in the same map. it is also important to keep in mind that you have to kill it yourself. Well, at least i did . If by accident that a friend of yours kills it. it will respawn anyway.

6. Return to the Blue Flame and try to pick up the marbles again. You will be  warped to a small room.

7. Click on the shell and chose either option. The shell will give you "DECEIVE", a key, and the result of DECEIVE + the key. It will then prompt you for a result from "HONESTY".

8. Return to the Old Man (Graham) in Prontera and show him the key.  Immediately southeast of the center of Rachel (180, 118), enter the building, go to the basement, and talk to the Manager (168, 65). Tell him you were sent by Graham.. look for an NPC named Manager - like the previous one, he's an old man.

9. The Manager, Paul, will give you another set of codes. [ R-E-N-N-N-D / L-N-N-W-W-N-D ] and a hint, these are directions to Ice Dungeon from Rachel and Lighthalzen (respectively).
and he will also give you this clue. Be sure to write it down. COLD--where's the coldest place near Rachel? Go to Ice Dungeon.

10. Proceed to Ice Dungeon level 2. In the northeast area, walk to the end of the offshoot and speak to the Red Flame (ice_dun02 206, 223)


11. Go kill 1 Shadow of Illusion (Skogul with high HP) somewhere on the map. Sorry there were no screenies of what the flame said as a "woman in black". But anyway, its a Skoegul. Like the Wind Ghost, kill the skegul and talk again to the Flame. It will warp you to another area.


12. Return to the Red Flame, talk to the box, after some discussion, it will hint you should use the cipher from step 2. Once you have the word translated, take the sum of all the digits.


13. Show the Manager the key, he sends you to find Haled in Juno, if Haled isn't being cooperative, tell him I know what you did last summer!.

14. In the southeast corner of juno (275, 67), enter the building. In the basement, speak to the Manager (167, 129). Since he is being uncooperative, tell him you know what he did last summer.


15. At first he will not tell you the code...well, he really wouldn't unless you "threat" him. To threat him, refer to the one I told you to take note of...I meant the text in blue which resembles a Horror movie. After "threatening" him he will give you something. (its not a code, well, looks like a poem to me...)

Speak to him again, and he will give you a poem that hints towards
Nifflheim. You can go there by either A) Going through the Yggdrasil tree in Umbala. or B) Bungee jumping in Umbala.

16. At the center of the north edge of Nifflheim (231, 275), speak to the Red Flame. Go kill 1 Shadow of Pleasure (Succubus with high HP) somewhere on the map.


Once the Succubus is killed, talk to the Flame and it will transport you to another area.


You will be given a cipher. This time its straightforward - A=1 B=2 etc etc. 
17. Convert them directly to letters and enter TURN AND SHAKE, when prompted "turn the house" and "roll it to upside down". Afterwards you will receive another key.

18. Once you receive the Key Of Pleasure, return to Haled in Juno. Haled will send you to Vicente in

19. Enter the building in the very southwest corner of lighthalzen (41, 55), and speak to the Manager behind the desk. 


20. After you show Vicente the keys, he will tell you to go to the first floor of thanatos tower.

21. On the north half of Thanatos Tower, walk to the center of the two spiraling staircases, and into the portal (tha_t01 149, 224).


22. No flames here, the light will just pop up a text box, press enter, and it will teleport you to this area...Talk to the statue in the small room and place the keys to receive A Master's Brush.


23. Return to Vicente in Lighthalzen, select any option, he will ask you to go upstairs and speak with someone else. He will tell you to see the master.

24. Up the stairs, speak with Dumk (70, 66) and ask to change to a shadow chaser.


Congratulations you are now a Shadow Chaser!!

Rewards will be the standard Green Apple Ring along with the standard 3rd job Head gear, for a shadow Chaser it will be Shadow Handicraft [1].
Thanks for viewing this guide. You may also check out several of my job change guides like the Ranger, Maestro, Sura and Royal Guard. Don’t forget to share.


  1. you're welcome Thea. ^^

  2. LoL hatsune miku!! ^_^ uhm ano nagagawa ng green apple ring?

  3. Last time I checked it was +6 to all stats. But if you read the description of the item it doesn't say so, but check your stats while wearing the item. :)

  4. waaaahhhh!! sobrang nakakahilo T_T. Thank you so much for the tips kua. I hope I could make it /no1.
    Pray for my success!!!! /heh.

  5. Kaya mo yan don't give up. mag patulong ka rin pag nag quequest ka na.
    Will be updating this guide later for improvement. Gumawa ako ng SC eh.

  6. i dont understand how is the numbers will pop when you receive the keys .. ? how is that ??

  7. anu lalabas ba kapag nkuha mu ung mga keys ?? d ku tlga maintindihan eh !

  8. may confirmation na may nakuha kang key depende kung saan part ka na ng quest.

  9. tnx for the guide, bwt how long does it take for the quest monsters to respawn again when it killed by the other players or players that taking the quest also? what about if I KS one of the player having a quest in that monster, then the monster dies do i finish my quest also? sorry for so much question i ask but just to make it clear..^^

  10. kaya po b ng one man para po makill un mga dapat ikill? or hnd ?

  11. I job changed my SC solo. My experience was the mob around the maps are what's going to kill you so stock up on pots. But it's always advisable to bring a friend along.

  12. When I was at Niff someone actually KS the Succubus I was killing for the quest. apparently that did not make him cleared that part of the quest.


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